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10 class – 20 Hours



4.5 (23)

In the book The Art of Unit Testing mocks are described as a fake object that helps decide whether a test failed or passed by verifying whether an interaction with an object occurred. Everything else is defined as a stub. Time is one of the most important factors when it comes to clearing entrance exam. If there is a well laid plan on how to approach the paper, 50% work is already done. Mock tests give the repetitive set of the exam. The more paper you solve the better are your chances to finish the paper on time. Always remember, with exercise comes the ability to classify the questions as per scores. Only attempting several Mock tests will not help your preparation until and unless you go ahead and analyze your score after each attempt. This is very important. Giving Mock test and not analyzing it will only make you comfortable with the exam format or timings but it will not help in increasing your overall scores.