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EDUWEST Institute is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for people who going to attend the All India basis Management Entrance Test. We create and implement innovative programs that take the results of rigorous research and put it into real practice at scale.

EDUWEST is a renowned institution that has made a positive impact on students, colleges and society in a short period of time. We place education of students first and that is reflected in our strategy, faculty development, design of programs etc. Our programmes are regulation compliant and internationally accredited. We have constant interactions with various business leaders and managers from the corporate world as also the academic gurus who often double up as guest faculty. The nurturing environment and competitive spirit make it an ‘institute of choice’ for renowned faculty.

EDUWEST Institute is teaches the students near a decade. It is grow more confidence in students. We provide high quality in students to achieve his/her goal easily. We offer students much more hospitality where they can learn on their comfortable zone. We give students flexible classes as per their suitable times. We offer them 24 × 7 assistance for their any difficulties. Side by side we look after their grooming areas also. In future students took steps on corporate areas where grooming is must as like as talent. Our faculties ready to serve them best. In nominal cost students get high quality services from us.

The motive of a training center to change the lives. But more than a coaching center just provide study materials and as per schedule classes. But we need to change that common pattern. We come with lots of new pattern which very low training center follows.

In future we provide online study materials, online payment facilities etc. We design programs for competitive aptitude tests as well as increasing employability through skill development. These aptitude tests comprise of core skills in the areas of Math, English language, Logic and Data Interpretation. Such type of entrance tests is not easy to crack. We made the ability on students where they can easily crack them.



Our Mission and Vission

EDUWEST Institute is committed to deliver industry relevant programs in the most effective manner. Every course has its unique concept and we strive to deliver the very best to the students in the best possible methodology

The vision of EDUWEST Institute is to provide a mentored learning program that focuses on each individual learning and provides the student with a personalized guidance and mentoring feedback on a regular basis. EDUWEST will combine the talent and dedication of the best teachers with the latest in technology to provide the best possible learning platform to students for Aptitude tests.

Eminent industrialists and expert professors visit Eduwest Institute for guest lectureship to enrich the students with current strengths in specific industry. All the academic and industry experts take continuous care of the learning requirements of our students and expose them to industry specific intricacies of functional area specifications.

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We value student independence. We believe that students have the ability and power to be self-directed learners and thinkers to achieve their goals. We believe that given the thinking strategies, students can, and do, take ownership in their learning. We value student choice. We believe that students will rise to the occasion to read, write, speak, listen and think in collaborative and exciting ways when given the opportunity to innovate, explore, and dream. We value teacher-student and student-student relationships. We believe that through mini-lessons, conferring, and performance/project based learning, students can work collaboratively with teachers and peers to learn and grow from each other we value rigor. We value teacher collaboration and learning. We believe that students travel through learning progressions. We believe that students should demonstrate their learning and their growth in authentic, performance based experiences. We value authenticity. We believe students should have opportunities to set goals, work toward the goals in an authentic, caring environment, reflect on the success and/or failure of the goal, and grow from the experiences. We believe life is about making things happen.










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